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Colpitts Crystal Oscillator
author: Spiliopoulos Kwstas - spilkoswindtools.gr


This project is a Colpitts Crystal Oscillator


Firstly, I suggest you to read the article in ARRL Handbook 2015, Chapter 9 - Oscillator Circuits and construction. Then saw a video showing the construction of the Colpitts Crystal Oscillator (with Buffer stage) here.

Thus, I assembled the circuit as "ugly construction" using the same values as video shows. I try it and it's stable, using 12 Volts from battery source, low current.

Every time I change the crystal values I had a stable Sine Wane on my Oscilloscope which depends on different crystal values. It is a simple circuit to test crystals on your lab, see photos from Cadsoft EAGLE, the schematic, pcb results also the photos from "ugly construction"








I tried to measure the Colpitts Oscillator with various values of Xtalís that I had inside my lab. I tested the values shown in the picture below. You can see the crystal placed on the circuit and the corresponding oscilloscope measurement.




Download project files in Eagle format

Download Gerber files



120x90 spot



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