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0-30V Laboratory Power Supply
author: Arief Laksono - theripper555_96ymail.com

This project is based on the 0-30 VDC Stabilized Power Supply with Current Control 0.002-3 A and a new PCB layout is introduced here. It's a stabilized power supply with variable output voltage in the range 0-30Vdc (33Vdc peak) - and variable current 3A and is ideal for your laboratory power supply.


Schematic and PCB are designed in Eagle software and the source files are available on the links at the bottom of the page. The PCB design has connectors for 2N3055 transistor, input and output voltage. Also on-board potentiometers are added.


click for full resolution


PCB Design

PCB dimensions

PCB bottom layer

PCB component placement


3D PCB renderings


Download project files in Eagle format

Download board Gerber files


120x90 spot



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