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HV Nixie DC-DC Switching Power Supply
author: Michail Papadimitriou

Nixie tubes need about ~180Vdc to light up and thus on most devices a DC-DC converter is needed. We designed here a simple DC-DC switching regulator capable of powering most of Nixie tubes.


The module is based on the MAX1771 Step-Up DC-DC Controller. This controller works up to 300kHz switching frequency and that allows the usage of miniature surface mount components. It accepts an input voltage from 2 to 16.5V and the output is factory configured to 12V. In this module the output voltage is configured higher at ~180Vdc using external resistors and a potentiometer.

The MAX1771 is driving an external N-channel MOSFET and with the help of the inductor and a fast diode, high voltage is produced.

MOSFET has to be low RDSon, Diode has to be fast Mttr, typically < 50nS and capacitors has to be low ESR to have good efficiency.


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Parts List


Part Value Mouser Part #
R1 1,5 M - 0805 SMD  667-ERJ-6GEYJ155V
R2 10 k trimmer 652-3296W-1-103LF
R3 10 k - 0805 SMD 667-ERJ-P6WF1002V
Rs 0,05 Ohm -
C1 100uF 647-UPW1J101MPD
C2 100nF - 0805 SMD 80-C0805C104K5R
C3 100nF - 0805 SMD 80-C0805C104K5R
C4 4,7uF / 250V 647-UPW2E4R7MPD
C5 100nF / 250V 667-ECW-U2104KC9
IC MAX1771 700-MAX1771ESA
L1 100uH / 1,8A 871-B82479A1104M
Q1 IRF644 844-IRF644
D2 MUR160 863-MUR160RLG
X1 screw terminal -
X2 screw terminal -

PCB Design

Eagle CAD PCB layout  


3D PCB renderings

If you would like to receive a PCB, we can ship you one for 6$ (worldwide shipping) click here to contact us





Download project files in Eagle format

Download board Gerber files


120x90 spot



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