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Power Supply Short Circuit Protection
author: Ali Alipour.r - alipoor90gmail.com



This circuit designed to be used with:
0-30 Vdc Stabilized Power Supply With Current Control 0.002-3 A

Components values are shown in shematic.

Connect 741 +Vcc to D1 anode in main circuit
Connect 741 -Vcc to D3 catode in main circuit
U1 needs a 5v +Vcc connect pin 4 of U1 to 5v

Please note that +Vcc is above absolute maximum ratings of 741 which are +/- 22V, this may cause damage to OPAMP. You may need to add a LM7805 to power OPAMP. U1 needs at least 5v +Vcc.



Power ON power supply then press START button to connect outputs to power supply.
- If output is shorted the relay disconnects output from power supply.
- Fix the short circuit and then press START again to connect output to power supply.



120x90 spot



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