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1.2 - 15V/3A adjustable regulated power supply
author: Rajkumar Sharma






This kit provides a variable output power supply ranging from 1.2 to 15 V @ 3 A.  It uses Low Dropout Positive Regulator LM1084 in TO220 package for delivering variable output voltage.

  • Input - 18 VAC/DC

  • Output - variable output from 1.2 ~ 15 V @ 3 A Regulated low ripple DC voltage

  • Heatsink for regulator IC

  • On board bridge rectifier to convert AC to DC

  • LED indication at input of IC

  • Zener trimmed band gap reference, current limiting and thermal shutdown (provided by IC feature)    

  • Power Battery Terminal (PBT) for easy input and output connection

  • Onboard PCB mounted Potentiometer (POT) for varying the output voltage

  • Filter capacitors for low ripple DC output

  • Four mounting holes of 3.2 mm each

  • PCB dimensions 46 mm x 58 mm



Parts List





Download this circuit in PDF



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