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2 Channel Relay Board
author: Rajkumar Sharma

This project is a 2 Channel Relay Board.


2 channel Relay driver project can be controlled by feeding 2-12V trigger voltage, Very useful project for application like Micro-Controller based projects, Remote controller, Lamp on Off, and any circuits which required isolated high current and high voltage switching by applying any TTL or CMOS level voltage. Two LED works as operation indicator while in , 3 pins screw terminals to connect load and provides  both normally open and normally closed switching.

Input: 12 VDC @ 84 mA  
Output: Two SPDT relay  
Relay specification: 5 A @ 230 VAC  
Trigger level : 2 to 12 VDC  
Header connector for connecting power and trigger voltage  
LED on each channel indicates relay status  
Power Battery Terminal (PBT) for easy relay output connection  
Four mounting holes of 3.2 mm each  
PCB dimensions 49 mm x 68 mm



Parts List




120x90 spot



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