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DC Motor Driver using L293D
author: Ricardo Márquez - ricardo-m-mhotmail.com

This project is a DC motor driver, suitable for motors that of low or medium power.
Allows controlling up to 6 motors or 3 motors if you want to control the rotation of the motors.


The controller is build around the IC L293D that can provide 600mA per channel, and a H-Bridge designed with transistors NPN and PNP transistors, than can provide 1.15A per channel.

The controller has the following connections:

  • INPUTS (A, B, C, D ,E, F). These are receiving the analog or digital signals that can be sent for example, from a microcontroller.

  • ENABLE (E1-2, E3-4). These activate the inputs from the L293D. The supply voltage can't be higher than 7V.

  • OUTPUTS (+M1, -M1, +M2, -M2, +M3, -M3). Here is where the motors should be connected.

  • +9-12V. Here's where is connected a supply voltage that will give power to the motors. This input, gives voltage in the L293D and the H-Bridge, the supplied voltage have to be 36V max, but for the H-Bridge it's recommendable to use 24V max. (In case you want to use only the L293D, you can remove the jumper).

  • +5V. This input receive the logic supply voltage for the L293D. You can connect a supply voltage higher than 5V because this input it's connected to a voltage regulator (LM7805), but you not must to exceed 30V.





PCB Design

Eagle CAD PCB layout





3D PCB rendering




Sketchup 3D rendering 







Download project files in Eagle format

Download Parts List

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