.: FlowCode for PICmicro



Flowcode is a very high level language programming system for PICmicro microcontrollers based on flowcharts. Flowcode allows you to design complex PIC based robotics and control systems by simply drawing a flow chart of your desired program in a matter of minutes even without any prior programming skills. more

 .: Visual Analyser 8.0



Many people do not have the money to buy an expensive Oscilloscope or a Spectrum Analyzer. Or simply they do not want to invest money for something they will use rarely. Nevertheless many people love to build and test audio amplifiers or other kinds of simple circuits (oscillators, filters, etc); more

 .: Make your own PCBs form A to Z



Making your own PCBs is a procedure that needs extreme care so the result will become effective. In this article we will discuss how to make your own PCBs using Eagle Layout and Photoshop and how to make multiple prints of a Elektor's pcb in a single transparency. more in Greek more in English


 .: Automotive 12V to +-20V converter



This is a symmetrical +-20V switchmode power supply based on TL494, designed to power two speakers with 50W max power from a car 12V battery. Using Push-Pull topology it's efficiency may exceed 85% for some loads and if low resistance MOSFET are used, a small heat sink is sufficient to cool it down. Check it out!more


 .: 6V Ultra-Bright LED Chaser



This is a spectacular but completely useless project. It lights Ultra-Bright LEDs in a sequence and each LED flashes brightly very briefly. The LEDs light-up going around and around since they are mounted in a circle (on a CD), then they pause before chasing again. The very brief flash of each LED (15ms) and the pauses (1 second) reduce the average current so the battery should last a long time.  more


 .: 3-30 V/2.5 A Stabilized power supply



This is a very useful project for anyone working in electronics. It is a versatile power supply that will solve most of the supply problems arising in the everyday work of any electronics work shop. It covers a wide range of voltages being continuously variable from 30 V down to 3 V. The output current is 2.5 A maximum, more than enough for most applications.more








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