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USB to Serial converter using FTDI FT230X
author: Alex Sidorenko - obddiagnobddiag.net


This USB to serial converter project is easy to build, it is simple and inexpensive. It is based on the FT230XS from FTDI Chip.


The FT230XS is outfitted in SSOP-16 packaging. The first incarnation of FT230X chips got a nasty bug when the chip inadvertently goes into suspend mode triggered by certain byte sequences.

The FT230X releases A, B and C were affected, see FTDI Chip TN_139 Technical Note. The resistor R1 connected to CBUS3 pin is providing a workaround, keeping the chip awake.


After assembling the converter run FTProg utility to configure CBUS3 pin as Keep-Awake#.



 PCB Design

PCB top and bottom layers


3D PCB rendering


Download Project files (Cadsoft Eagle)

Download PCB Gerber files


120x90 spot



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