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The experimenter's pot - Digital Potentiometer
author: Joseph Yumul



The experimenter's pot is a solid state potentiometer using Dallas semiconductorís DS1869 and Nationalís LM78L05 two electrolytic capacitor two small push button switch and two optional Molex connector. this project is very useful especially in finding the right value of resistor in your experiments, you can attach this circuit to your next project that uses a pot or trimmer cause there are three types of DS1869 these are:

- DS1869-10 which is 10K
- DS1869-50 a 50K version
- DS1869-100 the 100K version




As you can see, the circuit is powered from a 9V power supply (actually any 9V power source will work, as long as the current rating is not less than 25mA) stepped down to 5V by the LM78L05 IC and two filter capacitor one for the input and one for the output, the wiper armís position is stepped by pressing SW2 for adding the resistance of wiper arm to high terminal and SW1 for decreasing just like an ordinary mechanical potentiometer adding the resistance to high terminal decreases the resistance to low terminal.


Parts List

Parts List:
C1 10uF/16V Electrolytic capacitor
C2 0.01uF/50V Ceramic capacitor
U1 LM78L05
U2 DS1869 (see notes)
SW1,SW2 Small push button switch

The maximum wiper current allowed through the DS1869 is only 1 milliamps. There are three types of DS1869
DS1869-10 use this chip if you want to make a 10K version
DS1869-50 for a 50K version pot.
DS1869-100 for the 100K version


The [schematic] and the [board] is drawn using expresspcb, it is available for download you can etch your own PCB using TTM (Toner Transfer Method) or you can order your boards at http://www.expresspcb.com



Download this circuit in ZIP



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