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Serial AVR and PIC programmer
author: Dr. Ayman Shalaby - aimanshalpygmail.com


This is a dual MCU programmer which supports both AVR and PIC mcu and there is a switch to select between them.

 It's easy to manufacture and have only through hole parts.


- RS232 Serial interface
- AC-DC powered
- MAX232 interface
- standard programming sockets for PIC and AVR
- easy to build, all component are TH parts
- 74CA00 for protection
- LED indicators for VPP, TxD, RxD, Power
- Compatible with PonyProg and similar software
- 10 Pin ICSP for AVR (Miso, SCK, Mosi, Reset, GND, VCC)
- 5 Pin ICSP for PIC (VPP, VDD, VSS, PGD, PGC)


The full schematic is shown below


click on schematic for full resolution


 PCB Design






Download Eagle design files

Download Gerber files


120x90 spot



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