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BO.Duino - ATmega328 Arduino Compatible board
author: Сергей Бойко - sergeihronosgmail.com




BO.Duino is an Arduino compatible board based on ATmega328 ATMEL's mcu. This board features many peripherals usually externally connected on a breadboard or prototyping board such as sensors, SD card etc. Peripherals included are:

- A real-time clock
- AT24 series external memory chip
- MicroSD card adaptor (SPI)
- A potentiometer on analog input
- Connector for DS18b20  or DHt11  series sensors

The board should be configured as Arduino Duemilanova on Arduino IDE. A jumper is used to select the FT232 chip output level. Also the board's power supply is selected manually. The FT232RL enables you to programm a new firmware or change the bootloader without the need of extrernal programmer .


 PCB Design

PCB top layer


PCB bottom layout



3D PCB rendering



Download PCB Layout (Abacom Spint Layout 5.0)

Download Schematic (Abacom sPlan 7.0)

Download PCB Gerber files


120x90 spot



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