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24x6 LED Matrix Control Circuit
author: Santi Rodríguez - santiagoelcabeehotmail.com

This is a 24x6 LED matrix control board based on Syst3mX schematics on Instructables. The board is connected on the LED matrix board and an external MCU or Arduino is required to produce the control signals that are feed on GP8.

Control Board Schematic

click on schematic full resolutionn


The circuit is able to drive a 24x6 LED matrix using an external MCU or Arduino board.  The LED matrix columns are connected on JP1, JP2, JP3 and the 6 rows are connected on JP7. There is also the option to connect 2 more rows (total 8 rows) to make a 24x8 LED matrix.

The control is done externally applying the signals on JP8 as is shown on the diagramm below:

- GND is the signal ground
- VCC is 5V in reference to GND
- RCK is SC signal of SPI (latch)
- SCK is CLOCK signal of SPI
- SER is DATA dignal of SPI
- CLK is CLOCK signal of 4017
- RES is RESET signal of 4017

Control signals can be easily generated by an Arduino UNO or Duemilanove using some code . You may refer to:

- http://arduino.cc/en/Reference - general Arduino reference
- http://arduino.cc/en/Reference/SPI - SPI Protocol reference

- Sample Code can be found here
- You can make your own symbols using this EXCEL sheet

- Check how 4017 IC is working: http://www.doctronics.co.uk/4017.htm


R25, R26, R27, R28, R30, R31, R32 6 x Resistors of 1k Ohms. SMD, 1206
The rest of resistors in the design 24 x Resistors of about 100 Ohms. SMD, 1206
IC1 1 x 4017 (decade counter) DIP
T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, T6, T7, T8 6 x 2N3904
IC2, IC3, IC4 3 x 74HC595 (shift register) DIP
JP1, JP2, JP3, JP6, JP7 5 x Pin Header (8x1)
4 x 3 mm screws  

Control Board PCB Designn

PCB board is practically a one side board with some wire bridges on top of it.

Eagle CAD PCB layout


Eagle CAD components layoutt

 Control boardPCB layout - Download PCB


3D Control Board PCB rendering


LEDBoard Schematicc

LED Board Schematic


LED board Egle CAD PCB layout

LED board PCB - Download PDF


3D LED Board PCB rendering


Download Control Board Eagle files

Download LED Board Eagle files



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