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120 Seconds Voice Record - Play Back
author: Rajkumar Sharma

This project is a message recording board capable of recording 120 secs of audio.


This project is designed around ISD25120 which can store 120 Seconds audio. Recording and playback operations are controlled with tact switches. The kit has an onboard microphone and LED to indicate the functions of Play and Recording. IC has a re recordable non-volatile memory which means that the message will be stored even after the units are turned off and even when it is turned on again.


Input supply - 5 VDC @ 120 mA
Output - speaker, 16  
Upto 120 Seconds of non volatile voice storage
Slide switch for easy selection of Playback / Record mode
Onboard MIC capsule for recording message directly onto the chip
Flashing LED to display Record / Playback of messages
ON Board ON/OFF Switch
Power-On LED indicator
Direct speaker connection via Header Connector
Header type connector for power supply input
4 pin small tactile switches for Start / Pause and Stop / Reset
Four mounting holes of 3.2 mm each




Parts List

PCB Design

PCB bottom layer






120x90 spot



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