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10W Mini Audio Amplifier
Speech Recorder
Digital Volume Control
FET Audio Mixer
Sound Level Meter
Amplifier of acoustic frequencies with preamplifier
Motorola Hi-Fi power amplifier
2N3055 Power Amplifier
5,000W ultra-light, high-power amplifier, without switching-mode power supply
Tiny audio amplifier using LM386
Stereo tape head preamplifier using LA3161
20W Bridge Audio Amplifier
20W Audio Amplifier using LM1875
Active Bass & Tremble Controller
Three Channel Audio Mixer
Infrared cordless Headphone Amplifier
200W Audio Amplifier
5-Band Graphic Equalizer
600W Audio Amplifier
Portable Audio Amplifiers
Universal Preamplifier
Cheap Audio Booster
RIAA Corrector
20 Seconds Voice Record - Playback
120 Seconds Voice Record - Playback
Tape Head Pre-Amplifier
Voice Modulator (Sound Effects - Funny Sound)
12W Audio Amplifier
3 Tone Musical Bell
60 seconds Voice Record - Playback module
Digitally Controlled 2.1 Channel Analog Audio Power Amplifier
Voice Echo
20W Audio Amplifier
5W Stereo Audio Amplifier
3 Tone Siren
Audio Power Amplifier with TDA2050
50W Power Amplifier with LM3886
MIC Pre-amplifier
20 to 80 Seconds Voice Record Playback
Mini Audio Amplifier
14W Stereo Audio Amplifier
5.5W - 2 Channel Audio Amplifier


Car Battery Indicator
Automotive 12V to +-20V converter (for audio amplifier)
Simple but reliable car battery tester
Synchronized multi-spark module (SMSM) for Electronic Ignition Devices (EID)
Nite Rider Lights
Motorcycle Universal Gear Indicator


Games and entertainment - Robots

PIC16F84A discolight effect with bass beat control
The Millipede
3V LED Chaser
6V Ultra-Bright LED Chaser
High Power LED mood Lamp
LED effects
Motion Activated Led Dice
Bomb Game
Hand Steadiness Tester
Halloween Scare using 12F683 and ISD2532
BitCake - Electronic Birthday Cake


Motor, light and power control

2500W Phase Control
Sound Level Indicator
On-Off Temperature Control
A power source for simple LED projects
Simple DC motor PWM speed control
6 Channel Auto Reverse Sequential Disco Running Lights
Automatic Fan Controller
Low cost / Automatic Emergency Light
5 Lamp / LED Flash Driver
Light Control System
High current bipolar stepper motor controller
DC servo motor driver
200W Lamp Flasher
555 stepper pulse generator
Dark Sensitive Switch
Simple Servo Tester
12V Relay on 6V power supply
Super Bright Led Flasher
PIC PWM Fan controller
USB Single Cell LiPoly Charger
Infrared Toggle Switch for Home Appliances
Digital Impulse Relay
Motorized Curtain with Remote control
A Very Simple Power Failure Light
Super Flux RGB LED Controller
Infrared / Light Controled Switch
DC Motor Driver using L293D
PicoBuck - RGB LED Driver
Valentine LED Chaser
Temperature Controlled PC FAN
Triac based lamp dimmer
Microcontroller based running light controller
RGB LED Disco Lights
LED VU Meter with LM3916
2 Channel Relay Board


Oscillators and timers

Digital Stopwatch 0-99sec
Digital Stopwatch 0-60sec
Adjustable High/Low Frequency Sine wave generator
Photo Timer Circuit
Darkroom Timer v2.0A for PCB Exposure Box
230V Blinking LED
Pulse generator
MSF Radio Time Clock
Long Duration Timer
1 to 100 Seconds Timer


PC related

Casio Cable
The 8Way Relay Board
Build your own printer cable LCD Display
Improved Infrared Receiver with status led
8 Channel software controlled fanbus with PWM
An Improved Infrared Receiver with status led (Billy's Plug)
A Laboratory Control System for Cold Atom Experiments
8 Channel LPT relay board
USB Sound Card with PCM2702
Ethernet Controller
XBMC USB Controller


MCU (Microcontrollers)

Ponyprog Circuit for AVR & PIC16F84
Ponyprog Circuit for ATMEL'S AVR
ATMEL 89 Series Flash Microcontroller Programmer
EPROM adapter for ATMEL 89 Programmer
PIC diode tester
AquaCont - Aquarium Control
Digital Volt and Amp Meter with Temperature Control
MCU controlled Bluetooth automation with infrared sensor
PCB Exposure Box with Fluorescent Lamps and countdown system
89Sxx Development Board
Breadboard header for ATTiny 25/45/85 
PIC based WWVB clock
Learning Board for PIC12F683 Microchip
3-Wire Serial LCD using a Shift Register
USB Low Pin Kit
OSCCAL Value Finder
LED UV exposure box
Arduino Solar Day Night Controller
Microcontroller Clapper Switch
MCS08DZ60 Evaluation Board
MultiKey - One Wire Keypad
Digital & Binary clock with thermometer & hygrometer
Open Source 3.2" TFT Smart Display
LED Binary Clock - Arduino Shield Compatible
24x6 LED Matrix Control Circuit
Automatic School Bell
BO.Duino - ATmega328 Arduino Compatible board
DigiPot - Rotary Encoder Digital Potentiometer
Serial 4-digit seven segment LED display
miniLOG - Precision Standalone Voltage Logger
ATmega64 Development Board
EGYDuino - Arduino compatible board
8 Opto-isolated Relay board
Serial AVR and PIC programmer
CAN to USB Interface
USB to Serial Converter using AVR microcontroller
Original PICKIT-2 microcontroller programmer
Simple timer with PIC16F628A
Frequency counter with PIC16F628A


RF Circuits

4W FM Transmitter
CB receiver
CB transmitter
Transmitter FM 45W with valve
FM radio
4W FM Transmitter
Nostalgic Crystal Radio
AM to FM Converter
60W Linear amplifier
AM FM Simultaneous Transmitter Using Digital IC
The "UnFETtered Crystal Radio!
Simple FM Transmitter
The Nic Nac Tic Tac Crystal Radio Set
Relay Sequencer Board
FM Transmitter using MAX4467 & MAX2606
FM VCO Transmitter
MAX2606 - Hands-Free Car Kit for Cell Phones



0-30 Vdc Stabilized Power Supply With Current Control 0.002-3 A
13.8V 20A power supply
0-50V 2A Bench power supply
3-30 V/2.5 A Stabilized power supply
500W low cost 12V to 220V inverter
TTL Power Supply with "Crowbar" protection
Batteries charger & PSU - ideal for digital cameras
Pulse Charger for reviving tired Lead Acid batteries
NiCd - NiMH Charger
1.2 - 15V/3A adjustable regulated power supply
Dual Voltage Power Supply
13.8V/40A Stabilized Power Supply
1.2v LED Flasher - Joule thief
Simple 78xx Current Booster
Lead Acid Battery Charger #1
Lead Acid Battery Charger #2
Li-Ion Charger
Charger for mobile phones
Mini variable power supply
Digital Multiple Voltage Power Supply
1.2 - 36V / 5A Adjustable Power Supply
Power Supply Short Circuit Protection
400VA AC Light Dimmer
LM2585 12V to 24V @ 1A Step-up switching regulator
MCU Controlled Spot Welder
Variable Power Supply using LM7812 
HV Nixie DC-DC Switching Power Supply
0-30V Laboratory Power Supply
9V to 48V DC-DC Converter
Dual Adjustable Power Supply
+/-12V Dual Power Supply
2.4V to 5V Step Up DC-DC Converter



Robotics - GPS

Open GPS Tracker
Church bell Controller
AMP - Arachnoid Mobile Platform

Security and other sensors and detectors

iButton electronic lock
Water level buzzer
Ethernet based Security System
IR remote extender
Simple Touch Switch
Flood Detector
PIR Motion Sensor
Programmable Home Security Alarm System
XBee Accelerometer Demo - Wireless Tilt Mouse Application
IR Remote Control Jammer
Sound Activated Switch
PIR Sensor

Science related

Mini efficient coil launcher from disposable camera flash
Plants Watering Watcher 2
Electronic Stethoscope 2

Telephone related

Phone line indicator
Phone Busy Indicator
Telephone Hold Button
The Link Telephone Intercom
The Link A2B+1 (the Link Telephone Intercom - DTMF version)
The Link 4+0 Internal Intercom
The Original 2 Phone Link Design
The Link "P" - Privacy Link! (Telephone Intercom)
Two way Simple Very Small Telephone Exchange

Test and measurement

Led display digital Voltmeter
Inductance meter adapter
Voltage Monitor
Logic Probe
Logic probe plus
Voltmeter + Ammeter LCD panel
IR Digital Thermostat for FAN
Transistor tester
Simple Crystal Tester
Ultra High Sensitive Probe
Single Chip Temperature Data Logger
DDS Function Generator
PIC16F84A Gas Detector using GH-312 sensor
Digital Room Thermometer
PIC16F688 Digital Voltmeter
Analog Temperature Controller - Temperature Relay
TraId - TransistorType & Polarity Identifier
Low Frequency Spectrum Analyzer for Automotive Suspension Analysis
Simple SMD LED tester
Thermocouple Type-K amplifier
Tiny DDS - Open source DDS generator
Simple LC meter
Advanced LC meter



Flyback Transformer Driver
Simple optical switch
Audio VU meter 9 leds
IR Remote Volume Controller
Solid state relay switch
Dual Relay Driver Board
4 channel infrared remote relays
The experimenter's pot - Digital Potentiometer
MAX6953 Development board
Centrifugal fish autofeeder
Solar Mailbox project
Toggle ON / OFF switch
Dot matrix LED running display
USB to RS485 Adapter
USB to Serial converter using PL2303SA
USB to Serial converter using FTDI FT230X
Electronic Toggle Switch
8 Channel Relay Board
One Channel Relay Driver




120x90 spot



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