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Get Paid to Publish your Project!

We are proud to announce the "Get Paid to Publish your Project" program here at Electronics-Lab.com. Every project published under project section will get an instant PayPal payment up to 80$ USD.



Get ready to submit your project at Electronics-Lab. To participate send your project to webmaster@electronics-lab.com with "Get Paid to Publish your Project" in subject line and your project as attachment. Common file types (.doc, .jpg, .pdf etc) are accepted. After reviewing your project and approved for publication it will be published under project section and you receive the payment to your PayPal account. So simple!

A project to be valid should be:

- A high quality project.
- Designed by you.
- Not published elsewhere on the web. (can be published on personal sites)
- Has clear schematics, photos, description and PCB.

Every project approved will be published and will receive the payment. You will notified by email if your project is accepted.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us

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Submitted / Approved Projects

Project Title Author VIEW it Date
1 Single Chip Temperature Data Logger Rajendra Bhatt VIEW 30/08/2010
2 PIC PWM Fan controller Hélio Pereira VIEW 31/08/2010
3 Learning Board for PIC12F683 Microchip Rajendra Bhatt VIEW 05/09/2010
4 Digital Multiple Voltage Power Supply Garrett Fogerlie VIEW 06/09/2010
5 LED effects Milen Slavov VIEW 13/09/2010
6 USB Single Cell LiPoly Charger Rodrigo Forrequi VIEW 13/09/2010
7 PIC16F84A Gas Detector using GH-312 sensor Rui Cabral VIEW 15/09/2010
8 Relay Sequencer Board Ben Hennessy VIEW 15/09/2010
9 Infrared Toggle Switch for Home Appliances Rajendra Bhatt VIEW 18/09/2010
10 Motion Activated Led Dice Rui Cabral VIEW 22/09/2010
11 Digital Room Thermometer Rajendra Bhatt VIEW 24/09/2010
12 Flood Detector Rui Cabral VIEW 26/09/2010
13 Digital Impulse Relay Magirescu Iulian VIEW 27/09/2010
14 3-Wire Serial LCD using a Shift Register Rajendra Bhatt VIEW 27/09/2010
15 USB Low Pin Kit Rodrigo Forrequi VIEW 28/09/2010
16 Dot matrix LED running display Ivailo Vasilev VIEW 28/09/2010
17 MSF Radio Time Clock Paul Qureshi VIEW 28/09/2010
18 Motorized Curtain with Remote control Simeon Kuninski VIEW 28/09/2010
19 OSCCAL Value Finder Rui Cabral VIEW 05/10/2010
20 A Very Simple Power Failure Light Garrett Fogerlie VIEW 05/10/2010
21 LED UV exposure box Bogdan Raducanu VIEW 09/10/2010
22 Bomb Game Rui Cabral VIEW 11/10/2010
23 Hand Steadiness Tester Divam Gupta VIEW 11/10/2010
24 Arduino Solar Day Night Controller Garrett Fogerlie VIEW 12/10/2010
25 Microcontroller Clapper Switch Toddy Cangica VIEW 13/10/2010
26 MCS08DZ60 Evaluation Board Joel Guittet VIEW 19/10/2010
27 DDS Function Generator Vassilis Papanikolaou VIEW 20/10/2010
28 PIR Motion Sensor Hélio Pereira VIEW 20/10/2010
29 Halloween Scare using 12F683 and ISD2532 Rui Cabral VIEW 21/10/2010
30 PIC16F688 Digital Voltmeter Rajendra Bhatt VIEW 22/10/2010
31 MultiKey - One Wire Keypad Rui Cabral VIEW 25/10/2010


120x90 spot



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